Paradise Bay Range

Our exquisite Paradise Bay Range of pools feature elegant curves, bringing style to the modern home. The long curved bench seat is the perfect place to sit while watching the kids play. This ledge runs the entire length of the pool and arches at the centre to create an attractive entry step area. With the beach entry feel, along with our stunning range of colours, your dream oasis can become a reality.

This range is also available with optional spa jets for a soothing hydrotherapy massage to leave you, your family and guests thoroughly relaxed.

Paradise bay 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Paradise bay 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Paradise bay 9 | Everclear Pools Solutions

Fade-Resistant Pools

Everclear Pools SA offers the world’s first fade-resistant surface protection system for fibreglass pools.

Our promise to you – there simply is no better swimming pool out there.


Dual coat system

Pool ColourGuard acts like sunscreen on your pool. Its ability to withstand UV radiation has been tested and proven. Special ultra violet absorbers and inhibitors are incorporated in the Pool ColourGuard process to dramatically minimise any degradation of the surface by ultra violet light. Our pools will retain their brilliant vivid colour for many years with negligible colour change due to innovative process. 

Brilliant gloss finish and retention

Our pools have a high gloss finish never seen before on swimming pools. Resists algae, staining and is easier to clean, reducing maintenance.

Only a pool with Pool ColourGuard can offer you all of these advantages and is the reason why it is a patented product. It is licensed exclusively in Australia to us. Beware of imitations. We dare you to compare.

Check out further information on ColourGuard surface protection here:

Everclears Stunning Pool Colours

When choosing your pool colour, consider the look and feel you would like to create in your outdoor area. 

Are you after a tropical oasis or a more modern look? 

Be sure to consider the style and exterior tones of your home. The theme of your outdoor area will begin to guide you towards a colour palette to work from.

Our most popular colours are: Twilight, Hamptons Blue & Horizon.


Hamptons Blue


Argyle Blue

Delta Blue




Silver Mist


Sky Blue

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