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Everclear Pools SA are proudly a Bioguard approved retailer.
We have an extensive range of pool and spa products. Whether you are a new pool owner or experienced, we can help look after your pool and give you the best advice at the best price. Bring in a sample of your pool or spa water for a FREE test. We’ll get a full rundown of the condition of your water in under 2 minutes.

Our Products Set Us Apart

BioGuard® has developed an extensive range of patented premium pool and spa water treatment products. We encourage a programmed approach to pool and spa care. Simply put, it’s the easiest way to sparkling clear pool or spa water.

Our customised programs are convenient, effortless and utilise the best technology on the market. You’ll spend only minutes per week maintaining beautiful pool and spa water all year round.

The Difference Is Our Solutions

BioGuard® pioneered the idea of computerised pool water analysis and we have continued to research and refine the process. The result? The fastest and most accurate water testing in the pool and spa industry.

All you have to do is bring in a water sample from your pool or spa to Everclear Pools SA and you’ll receive personalised instructions on how to maintain your pool in pristine condition. BioGuard® offers many solutions based on your individual needs.

The Difference Is Our Solutions

Make Your Pool A Summer Stunner
With Our 3 Step Program

Winter is the time of the year where our pool maintenance falls to the wayside.
Thankfully, our 3 Step Program is here to ensure a healthy, summer-ready pool, without breaking the bank.