Pool Servicing

Don’t let your pool turn green, let us help you keep it clean…..

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Everclear Pools SA are a family owned and operated business located in the Northern suburbs with years of experience in the pool industry. We will take care of all of your pool servicing requirements, so you can enjoy having fun in your healthy and sparkling clean pool.

Servicing includes:

What we offer:

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New Pool Owner Induction

Whether you’ve just bought a house with a pool or installed one for the first time, we can teach you how to take good care of your investment. Our pool training experts will show you the basics of pool ownership, so you can enjoy a sparkling clear pool all year round.

Regular Pool Servicing

Whether it’s a big clean-up job or a small fix, we have a range of pool maintenance packages to ensure you get the right level or service. You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits to keep your pool in tip-top condition.

One-time Service

Our technicians can come out to your home for a thorough one-time pool service. It’s a quick and easy way to get your pool back into shape and get it clean and ready to swim.

Green Pool Cleaning Service

If your pool has turned green, we can save you time and money with our green pool cleaning service. We have a team of experts available to test your water and tailor a plan to make your pool clean and clear again.