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Fade-Free Pools

Pool ColourGuard is the world’s first and only surface protection system for fibreglass pools that guarantees the colour will not fade. Incorporating patented technology and backed by a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee, a pool with Pool ColourGuard offers the following benefits:

Pool colour that does not fade with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*

Even after years of regular use the pool is guaranteed to look as good as the day it was installed. The extensive range of fibreglass surface finishes are protected from colour loss and weathering.

Superior defence against chemicals and water

Accidental and unintended readings of low pH and high chlorine levels will not harm the pool’s brilliant colour or textured finish.

Withstands the effects of UV rays

Pool ColourGuard acts like sunscreen on your pool. Its ability to withstand UV radiation has been tested and proven. Special ultra violet absorbers and inhibitors are incorporated in the Pool ColourGuard process to dramatically minimise any degradation of the surface by ultra violet light.

Brilliant high gloss finish

A pool with Pool ColourGuard has a brilliant, high gloss finish never before seen on swimming pools. Pool ColourGuard imparts a very high gloss to the pool’s surface which is maintained year after year.

The result is a swimming pool that is available in brilliant, vivid colours that will not be bleached by chlorine, oxidised by chemicals or degraded by the effects of UV rays.

Beware of unsubstantiated claims of comparison or cheaper alternatives. Only a pool with Pool ColourGuard can offer you all of these advantages and is the reason why it is a patented product. It is licensed exclusively in Australia to us.

Invest in your investment, we are here for the long haul. Check out further information on Colourguard surface protection here: https://www.poolcolourguard.com.au/

Pacific Range

The clean lines of the Pacific Range brings style to the modern home. The long bench seat is a perfect place to sit while watching the kids play and swim out and safety ledges, provide a place for the kids to rest. The seating was designed with functionality in mind, with ledges not encroaching within the swimming area.

The bench seat is also deeper on one side, to cater for taller people. Optional spa jets and an air blower can be fitted to transform the bench into a spa nook.

The smaller sizes will be perfect for smaller back yards.

Pacific 4 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Pacific 5 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Pacific 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions

Paradise Bay Range

Our exquisite Paradise Bay Range of pools feature elegant curves, bringing style to the modern home. The long curved bench seat is the perfect place to sit while watching the kids play. This ledge runs the entire length of the pool and arches at the centre to create an attractive entry step area. With the beach entry feel, along with our stunning range of colours, your dream oasis can become a reality.

This range is also available with optional spa jets for a soothing hydrotherapy massage to leave you, your family and guests thoroughly relaxed.

Paradise bay 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Paradise bay 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Paradise bay 9 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oceania Range

Our clean contemporary style pools within our Oceanic Range will be the centrepiece of your new entertaining area. These models are perfect for smaller backyards or courtyard areas with limited space. Styled on a popular concrete design, unobtrusive corner entry steps maximise the swimming area, while the extended bench seat on one side provides the perfect spot to sit and relax. The added safety features provide peace of mind for children learning to swim.  Add a water feature, spillway spa or feature lighting to create a relaxing oasis or stunning backyard feature.

Oceania 4 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oceania 5 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oceania 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oceania 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Everclear Range

One of the most contemporary designs in our range, the Everclear series boasts stylish geometric lines perfect for any style of outdoor area. With unobtrusive side entry steps and a generous swimming area, these pools can be enjoyed by the whole family for both fun and relaxation. An extended seating ledge running the length of one side is the perfect chill out zone. The attractive, modern design will complement your outdoor area for many years to come. 

Everclear 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Everclear 9 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Everclear 11 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Elegance Range

Bring sophisticated European style to your outdoor area with these contemporary designs, boasting sleek geometric lines without compromising on features. With easy access either side of the pool and added safety features, these designs are a popular choice for families of all ages and are the perfect addition to our already impressive range.

Elegance 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Elegance 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Elegance 8 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oasis Range

Sleek and sophisticated, the Oasis Range has been designed for more narrow spaces without compromising on features and style.  Unobtrusive side-entry steps maximise the swimming area, while the twin deep end swim-outs provide handy entry and exit points or the perfect spot to sit and relax. With our stunning range of colours, our Oasis range can add style to your home, providing an entertainers delight.

Oasis 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oasis 8 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Oasis 10 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Caribbean Range

While compact in size to fit most backyards, this range is perfect for recreation, exercise and relaxation.  Side-entry steps allow for an uninterrupted swimming length and powerful swim jets are an optional extra for those looking for a full body workout.  A bench seat stretching the entire length of the Caribbean 5 provides the perfect seat to relax on a hot summer’s day and at either end of this bench you will find hydrotherapy seats with spa jets for that extra touch of relaxation.

Caribbean 5 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Caribbean 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Caribbean 8 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Mediterranean Range

This series of geometric designs replicate one of the most sought-after shapes in concrete pools. This style is available in three different sizes, depending on the shape of your backyard, and features an extended bench seat, side entry steps, corner swim out and a generous swim space – perfect for the keen swimmer, or for those who prefer to sit back, relax and cool off!

Mediterranean 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Mediterranean 8 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Mediterranean 9 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Elite Range

Sleek, stylish and cleverly designed, these contemporary models are perfect for serious lap swimmers or those who simply want more pool space to enjoy.

These pools are ideal for exercise with the constant depth of 1.4m allowing for tumble turns at each end. Side entry steps at both ends on one side give uninterrupted swimming length and are the perfect spot to sit and relax. Safety ledges on both sides of the pool provide a good rest point along the way, especially for small children.

Elite | Everclear Pools Solutions
Elite11 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Tropicana Range

The Tropicana range offer a wide, uninterrupted swimming area that is great for recreational activities to keep the whole family entertained! Cleverly designed, these pools also incorporate plenty of areas to sit back and relax including two corner sit-outs and wide side-entry steps that offer the perfect place to rest.

They also feature a safety ledge that offers a sturdy profile to stand upon that is ideal for children learning to swim. This is our new Tropicana range and therefore photo’s are not yet available.

Tropicana 6 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Tropicana 7 | Everclear Pools Solutions
Paddle Pool & Spa Range

Choose the perfect complement to your new pool from our Paddle Pool & Spa range and create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area.

Tranquil Spa Adelaide | Everclear Pools Solutions
waterplay Adelaide | Everclear Pools Solutions
Spa Adelaide | Everclear Pools Solutions
Aqua Ledge

Live life the way you want and feel like you are on holidays everyday in your own backyard when you add an Aqua Ledge to your pool. Lay back on a lounger and feel immediately relaxed after a hard day’s work. Create the ultimate poolside lifestyle for your family that they will enjoy for many years to come. 

Aqua Ledge | Everclear Pools Solutions
Quantum Pools | Everclear Pools Solutions

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