Frequently Asked Questions

We receive so many questions relating to fibreglass swimming pools as they become more and more popular in SA. 

We have collected some fibreglass FAQ’s to help you out with your research!

On average, our fibreglass pool projects will cost any where from $45K – $80K for a premium quality fibreglass swimming pool. Some projects can be higher, depending how many add-ons are wanted. Extra features and upgrades will of course increase the pricing.

Careful planning and measuring ensuring correct datum heights are achieved to match entertaining area levels. We begin by pegging out the area, asking the customer to sign off on the height and location. Then we commence excavation and installation. The pool will be craned into place, either over the house, or using a franna crane next to the dedicated pool area. Installing a pool within level is much harder than it looks, and our trained professional installers are very particular on the levels being absolutely perfect. The pool will be filled with water at the same rate as backfill sand to ensure pool walls don’t cave in. The bond beam is a concrete edging which will be installed about 2-3 weeks after installation to secure the pool in place. Temporary pool fencing will be put up to ensure safety throughout the installation project and entry into this area is not permitted by the family.

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The swimming pool project will take about 4-6 weeks from excavation, depending upon what extras you add on to your pool project. We supply 6 weeks of temporary pool fencing with all our installs to give plenty of time to organise permanent pool fencing.

No, fibreglass pools are constructed from a mould in a factory. You are limited to prefabricated shapes, but there are so many different options to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Although you can’t customise the shape of the pool, you can customise just about everything else. The vibrant, sparkly colour choices, surrounding materials, water features etc.

The swimming pool structure will last as long as your home! Our pools will last a lifetime. The ColourGuard gelcoat colour will also be just as sparkly in years to come so it will always look just as amazing.

Fibreglass pools require the least amount of maintenance out of the 3 different pool types on the market. Algae isn’t as much of a problem, as the gelcoat doesn’t have the pores and cavities of concrete pool plaster. It is smooth and algae resistant. If manufactured well and maintained frequently, a fibreglass pool gelcoat should always look just as amazing!

A properly installed and maintained fibreglass swimming pool should never pop out of the ground. Always follow the manufacturers instructions of never draining the pool more than 1 foot at a time. We also install at sump pipe so ground water can be monitored, plus the bond beam surrounding the pool will secure it in place.

Fibreglass pools come in many different shapes, freeform (curvy or lagoon-ish), kidney, rectangular or roman. Although there are many popular shapes, we find our most popular are the rectangle, straight-line moulds with seating across one side. There are so many options, check our Everclear Pools designs here:

It is preferred for your pool to be at least 1 metre away from the fence, unless council approves closer however, gaining access to the area for trades is much more difficult, so may incur further costs. The pool needs to be at least 1 meter away from the house and further engineering may be required during build jobs.

It brings us so much joy watching families get excited over their new swimming pool getting installed. We use the absolute best quality premium products on the market and never sacrifice the quality in products or service. We believe we provide the best customer service to all our customers and communicate effectively throughout the pool project. We absolutely love watching families’ dreams come true! 

Do you have questions about your pool? You’ll find answers to many frequently asked questions in our blog. 

We recommend taking your robot out after each use to empty and clean the filter(s). Then store it in a dry place in a shady area out of the weather. We also recommend rinsing your robotic pool cleaner with clean water regularly to remove any excess of residual pool water that may contain chemicals.

Yes! Even if you have your pool covered, some debris may still get in it during the winter. You can reduce the running time to 4-6 hrs/day to reduce the power consumption but also provide sufficient circulation to keep your pool water free of algae. It is easier to keep the pool clean than it is to remediate a pool that has been neglected.

This depends on a few factors.  The general advice is to run it 8-10 hours per day in Summer and 4-6 hours per day in Winter.

There are five main causes of cloudy or green water. They are inadequate filtering, low circulation, low chlorine levels, high calcium hardness and pool algae.

Inadequate filtering and low circulation can be addressed by running your pool filter for longer and more regularly and checking that it’s working properly.

Low chlorine and high calcium hardness levels are a result of a chemical imbalance in your pool.

Pool algae can be removed by maintaining an even balance of chemicals and by regularly cleaning the bottom and sides of your pool.

If you have done all the above and your pool doesn’t clear up after a few days, there may be other chemical factors at play. Importantly, your pool needs the correct pH balance (acid/alkaline balance) in order for the chlorine to work effectively. If you are unsure, bring a sample of your pool water into our store and we will test it for you for FREE.