Keep Your Pool Area Safe With These Top Tips

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a dream come true for many. After all, pools are fun and relaxing. However, if you don’t maintain safety or always keep your pool in a good condition, it can turn into a hazard. By following these obvious yet simple safety tips you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe while enjoying the myriad benefits a swimming pool has to offer:

1. Install a fence around your pool area: Installing a fence around your fiberglass swimming pool is an exceptionally reliable method to ensure that your kids and pets don’t access the pool unaccompanied. There are many pool fence options available on the market and finding the one to suit your budget and style should not be a difficult task. It is recommended to buy a fence that is climb-proof. For complete safety,  make sure that your pets and children are not able to move through the slats. 

2. Be vigilant: This is by far the most important tip on the list and for you to always follow. Residential pools are for the whole family to enjoy, and children must always be watched. Little ones can wander around the pool but as a parent do not let them out of your sight even for a minute. Be vigilant and always watch them around the pool. Teach them to swim and do not leave children in the pool with pool toys such as Styrofoam noodles and water wings as these are not safety devices and can cause unforeseen accidents. 

3. Set pool rules: You can establish some pool rules for household safety and control the use of the pool. Such as – no diving, no swimming without an adult in the pool, and keeping the pool gate always closed. Make sure to repeat these rules so the kids can always remember and follow them. Simple, straightforward, and easy-to-remember rules have a higher chance of being followed. 

4. Install a pool cover: Pool covers are useful to keep the pool clean but also enhance water safety. If you install a safety pool cover it will be able to support weight if in unforeseen circumstances a kid falls or slips on it. 

5. No running: to always maintain safety this tip must be reinforced no matter what type of pool you may have. Pool decks can get slippery and falling around the pool can cause serious injuries. Installing non-slip tiles can be beneficial to enhance safety. 

6. Repair damages immediately: Do not ignore any pool damages and get them repaired as soon as possible. If the nearby areas such as decking and pavers are chipped, pool ladders, pool railings, pool fence, or pool equipment is broken, get it fixed immediately. 

7. Enrol kids for swimming lessons: This is an obvious safety tip as by teaching your children how to swim, you are giving them the lifesaving skills to protect themselves in the water. It is best to get your child signed up for swimming lessons as it will help them learn the skills they need to survive in the water and enjoy pool days with their family and friends. 

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