Winter Maintenance

9 Steps to get your pool ready for winter






Now that Autumn has arrived and winter is fast approaching, your pool usage has probably declined.

However, just because your pool has shut up shop for the season doesn’t mean you can forget about it….. doing so, might leave you with a green pool, a hole in your wallet and a stomach full of regret.

So, how do you get your pool ready for winter?


Step 1 – Clean It

Remove all debris from the water, skimmer, pump basket and filters. If anything is left to sink to the bottom it can stain the surface and be a real pain to clean.


Step 2 – Check all Equipment

Ensure the pump is working and there is no calcium build up on the chlorination cell. Try using BioGuard Salt Cell Cleaner to remove any calcification.

Throughout the cooler months you’ll still need the pump, filter and chlorinator to run for at least 4 hours per day.


Step 3 – Backwash your Filter

To clean contaminants from the filter, you’ll need to backwash the filter.


Step 4 – Balance the Water

Everything in your pool becomes more efficient with properly balanced water. You’re primarily defending against algae outbreaks, but the surface and equipment will also last longer.

If you need to shock your pool, try using BioGuard’s Burn Out Extreme. It’s easy to use, is great for shocking pools and treating them with chlorine demands and or algae problems. When adding Burn Out Extreme, your pool cover should be removed and remain uncovered for a minimum of 6 hours, to allow for unwanted gasses to escape.


Step 5 – Add your Algaecide Preventer

Although your pool might not contain algae, the addition of an algae inhibitor will decrease your chance of your pool turning green. Try using MSA Extreme or Salt Pool Protector at least once per month over the winter months.

Keep an eye on your Phosphates. No phosphate, equals no algae.


Step 6 – Salt Pools

If you have a salt pool, remove scale build up from your salt cell with BioGuard Salt Cell Cleaner and adjust the salt chlorinator to reduce the level of chlorine output.


Step 7 – Pool Cover

If you don’t have a pool cover, it’s time to invest. A cover protects your pool from the elements and evaporation. And let’s be honest, no one wants to be skimming and vacuuming when it’s freezing outside. If you don’t have a pool cover, contact us today to arrange a quote.


Step 8 – Continue basic maintenance

Check the water chemistry and filter gauge every two weeks, adjusting where necessary.

At least once per month, it’s a good idea to take a water sample in to us at Everclear Pools to test your water.


Step 9 – Add Sparkle

For that extra sparkle, add a BioGuard Super Clear Clarrifying Tab to your skimmer box to assist with removing fine particles.


If you need any assistance, Everclear Pools can come and service your pool for you. Contact us to today if you have any questions, or require assistance with your pool on 08 8284 8677 or email: