Are you looking to make an addition to your backyard and want to add a pool? Having a pool in the comfort of your home can be a great place for your family and friends to spend some quality and memorable time together. A swimming pool is ideal to relax, entertain, maintain good health, and cooling down, particularly during Summer. Now one important decision to make is to opt for an above-the-ground pool or an inground pool. Both are great choices, but both have their own merits.

Swimming pools are categorised into in-ground pools and above-ground pools and both types have their distinct merits and demerits. In this post, we are discussing above-ground pools that can help you to choose the pool that’s exactly right for your family’s needs.

Suitability: Not all backyards have the perfect conditions for an inground pool and our pool technicians can help you determine that. If the slope of your house, rough terrain, or the lack of space is a hindrance to realising your dream pool an above-ground pool is a solution to these problems. They are easy to install and you can install one in your backyard soon!

Next Step In Owning A Pool: An above-ground swimming pool is just like a traditional swimming pool only it’s built above the ground without the need to excavate. Most above-ground pools are installed permanently and are gaining popularity across Australian households. People are switching from inflatables to above-the-ground pools – a sturdier and better option any day.

Versatility: Above-ground pools are very versatile when it comes to designs and uses. Also, they can be made from materials such as concrete or fibreglass which makes them exceptionally durable.

Safety: As above-ground pools have a higher entry point it’s harder for pets and kids to get into them. Additional features and locked gates can be purchased to make them safer. 

Maintenance: Above-ground pools can be easier to maintain and require fewer chemicals to maintain the water balance too. This makes them cheaper to own in the long run. 

Affordability: The main advantages they provide include the ease of installation, making them affordable as compared to in-ground pools.  

Customisation: In-ground pools are tailored for individual properties and offer more customisation than above-ground pools. Above-ground pools are not considered a permanent addition to a property hence they do not result in an increase in property values. 

Ready to take a step closer to realising your swimming pool dream?

So, for what are you waiting? Get an expert technician to help you with your swimming pool needs. To find out more about pool options, pool design, pool technology trends and to get a new swimming pool installed by industry experts, get in touch with Everclear Pools today! We have years of industry experience and specialise in new fibreglass pool sales and run a complete pool shop for all your water testing, chemical and spare parts requirements. For outstanding customer service with installations that are second to none contact our friendly team today.