We love bringing fun to families all over SA. Watching the smiles on families faces when we install their pool, gives us a huge amount of happiness. Our kids absolutely love playing in our pool, splashing, and laughing, we absolutely love it! The memories we have created, with family and friends will be remembered for a lifetime.

Prior to starting up Everclear Pools SA, Mick ran his own airconditioning business in SA and Tam is a Registered Nurse, even still now. We opened Everclear Pool Solutions in July 2017 with a partnership with another couple. We bought out the partnership in 2021, and now Mick and I own the business 100%. We absolutely love bringing joy to families, and our staff are absolutely amazing, we feel we are so lucky to have the best team!

We have 3 sections to our business; however, we all work very closely together. We have a pool shop at Shop 1, 121 Angle Vale Road, Angle Vale SA, Australia. We run an onsite pool servicing team, where our team with vans go out to customers houses to clean and balance pools, fix equipment, install new equipment, bring green pools back to life and assist with anything else customers need assistance with. The third section is fibreglass swimming pool sales and installations, and our team are perfectionists always ensuring we give you the absolute best products and service there is!

Our team of professionals are here to help always. No question is a stupid question, we are here to help. I love our staff’s attitudes towards this also. Everyone is super helpful and kind, we couldn’t wish for a better team! Our team have won numerous awards of excellence within the pool industry, well deserved and Mick and I are super proud to be part of such a dynamic, driven team.

We purchase our pool shells from Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT) in WA and truck them over to SA normally in loads of 8 shells at a time. We store all our shells in locked up vacant land behind the pool shop in Angle Vale SA. Our shells are backed by an extended lifetime structural guarantee along with a patented surface protection system offering superior fade resistance, ensuring your pool will always look just as amazing for a lifetime. Do you ever go to a friend’s house and see their faded pool? Well, I do…. It’s pretty disappointing to see when they invested so much money to put the pool in. It makes us so happy to know that our pools will be just as sparkly for a lifetime to come. The team at ALT are amazing, so helpful, and always there for us. We feel we have a family relationship with them, we are very lucky to have found such an amazing world-class, award-winning company to partner with.

We use all the best quality filtration equipment from Zodiac / Astral. We receive amazing service from their team and the quality of their equipment, we feel is second to none.  We feel confident using the best quality equipment. We use this brand on our own swimming pools. I think sometimes people want to know, what do you use on your pool? We only sell what we would use. We want happy, repeat customers and we know what is great and what isn’t. 

Our swimming pool service team are absolutely outstanding. We constantly receive feedback from customers telling us how amazing they are. They treat every pool, the way they would treat their own pool, ensuring pools are clean and safe for families. We currently have 2 service teams, however, we would like to grow to 5 teams within 10 years. We love helping families enjoy their pool, especially when they are time poor and just want to enjoy their pool and not have to worry about the upkeep.

Our shop staff are amazing! Super knowledgeable and always happy to help, no matter the question. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can order it in for you. Bring in the part and our amazing team can help. We offer free water testing and provide an extensive print out of what your pool requires to be healthy for your family, making pool ownership easy! We recommend bringing in your pool water fortnightly in summer and monthly in winter. We recommend not shutting down your system completely in winter, leave the pump running even a couple of hours, to avoid the dreaded green pool in spring.

I love so many things about Everclear Pools! But if I had to choose the thing, I love the most, it would have to be the team. We have the friendliest group of people; it is actually fun coming to work. We receive a lot of referral business from past customers for new swimming pools. You can check out our amazing reviews on our website; www.everclearpools.com.au, Facebook or Google. We love it when customers come in for a pool quote and they give us 5 different friends who referred them. It means we must be doing something right! LOL. 

Anyway, we are here to help you bring more joy and happiness to your family. Contact us and ask us anything, we are here to help!

Bringing fun to SA families!