So, you might be wondering, what is the most popular shape pool that we sell? I would definitely have to say the Everclear range of pools along with the Oceania range are the most common pools. It seems to be “trendy” for the pools to have the straight lines of the rectangle pool and I guess most people like to go with ‘trends. Rectangle pools will also never go out of fashion, which is a bonus!

The Everclear and Oceania range pools also have the 400mm wide bench seat down one side of the pool. This tends to be where the parents sit, whilst watching the kids playing in the pool. It is also a safe place where kids swim out, then come back to the seat to rest. 

You might ask yourself, what is the best pool for my family? Well, if I was going to buy a pool, it would be the Everclear 9. So much room for the family to play, nice width and length. So long as you have the backyard space, this pool is perfect!! The picture above is an Everclear 9 in the colour Argyle Blue, absolutely stunning!

We have 11 of the most amazing, sparkling colours available to choose from. But you might ask, what is the most popular pool colour? The top 3 colours our customers choose are Twilight, Horizon, and Hampton’s Blue. All are stunning with amazing diamond sparkles throughout. The best part is knowing your pool is fade-resistant, as our pools are protected with ColourGuard! When buying a new pool, it is so difficult when choosing a company to trust. Trust reviews, trust your friends’ referrals and trust what your gut is telling you, it is normally right. 

Bringing fun to SA families!