A cloudy pool is definitely not inviting, but there are some simple steps to help you clear that murky water.

First, check the pool’s filtration and circulation system. Is the filter working properly, or does it need to be cleaned of sediment? BioGuard Filter Brite is ideal for cleaning the filter, which needs to run for about 12 hours a day during Summer (or whenever the pool is in regular use) and should also be serviced regularly.

You should also check the chlorine and pH levels, and make sure the pH is between 7.2 to 7.6 and the chlorine level is between 1-3 ppm (parts per million). If not, you will need to adjust these levels. You can also use BioGuard Lite or Salt Pool Sparkle to boost the performance of your chlorine and help remove organic waste build-up.

Another possibility is the presence of a large amount of dead algae or other suspended organic matter, which can include sunscreen, body oils, pollen and dust. This can happen after heavy use or when it’s been raining. This unwanted material can be cleared by using Polysheen Plus or Super Clear Clarifying Tablets. These products bind the matter together so it can be removed by the filter. When using a flocculent it is important to follow all the steps on the label, including a “blind vacuum” if needed. When using a clarifier you should plan on running the filter for longer, until the water clears, or the filter pressure indicates a backwash is required.

Identifying and treating the cause of cloudy water will help your pool water regain its sparkle sooner.