Why buy a swimming pool you ask? There are many reasons to purchase your very own swimming pool, but here are 5 ways they have been proven to improve your health.

  1. Promotes relaxation
    • Going for a swim not only promotes mind and body relaxation, but also relaxes your muscles. Come home from a stressful day at work, to relax in your very own backyard pool.
  2. Low stress, full body workouts
    • No need for a gym membership when you have your very own gym in your backyard. Swimming uses all muscle groups, improving muscle strength and flexibility. Add a heat pump for all year-round comfort.
  3. Better heart health
    • Swimming is great for your cardiovascular health. It is proven that 30 minutes of swimming per day can reduce coronary heart disease. Swimming can also keep the layer of cells lining in your arteries flexible and in good shape.
  4. Enjoy the mineral health benefits
    • Enjoy the therapeutic health benefits of magnesium and potassium in your pool. Mineral pools can assist in supporting wellness by relieving stress, improve circulation, alleviate pain and is soft on the skin.
  5. Exercise releases endorphins
    • Swimming releases endorphins in your brain, providing you with relaxation and a natural high. This process is known as hippocampal neurogenesis where the brain replaces cells lost through stress.

Let us help improve your overall health and vitality with a new fibreglass swimming pool. Contact us for expert advise and experience our outstanding customer service.