There are so many pool companies in Adelaide SA, so which pool company is the BEST and what are the must have’s when buying a pool? Read on to find what you NEED to know before buying a pool!

  1. Quality
    1. Protect your investment by purchasing a premium quality pool. Ensure your new pool comes with a promise for a lasting brilliant high gloss finish which is faderesistant. Make sure your new pool is also backed by an extended lifetime Structural Warranty. 
    2. You want to choose a company who uses high quality filtration systems. Zodiac filtration and Astral filtration systems are the best quality, and energy efficient filtration systems. 
    3. Ensure your pool company complies with Australia Swimming Pool Standards 100% of the time. Make sure the company you choose are members of SPASA (Pool and Spa Association).
  1. Research
    1. There are so many different pool companies out there. So how do you choose which company will make your backyard dream a reality? Google review ratings are difficult to change. Therefore, trust in doing your research for a clear understanding of what to expect from a swimming pool company.
    2. Ask you friends and family who they would recommend. Knowing someone who already has a pool, can assist in choosing the right pool company for you.
    3. Have a look at the pool companies Facebook reviews and recommendations before choosing your swimming pool company.
  2. Heating
    1. A pool blanket is essential and should come standard with every pool installation. It can be used to assist in reducing evaporation, keeping the pool clean and create heat.
    2. Utilise solar heating and use the natural energy of the sun to heat your pool in the warmer months.
    3. Add on a heat pump to your swimming pool to extend your swimming season to maximise your investment.
  1. Mineral Pool
    1. Experience a new level of mineral water bathing, with one of our mineral pools or Magna Pool options. There are many health benefits with owning a mineral pool, including healing and relaxation properties. Mineral pools feel amazing and soft on your skin. Also, gentle on skin for those with skin irritations and allergies. Enjoy the therapeutic health benefits of magnesium and potassium in your pool. Mineral pools can assist in supporting wellness by relieving stress and can improve circulation along with alleviating pain. 
    2. Going for a swim in a swimming pool, not only promotes mind and body relaxation, but also relaxes your muscles. Swimming also releases endorphins in your brain, providing you with relaxation and a natural high. Come home from a stressful day at work, to relax in your very own backyard pool!
    3. The natural flocculants create a crystal-clear body of water for your family to enjoy.
  1. Energy Efficiency
    1. Upgrading to a variable speed pump can reduce running costs by up to $650 per year in electricity bills. Run your pool for longer by running on lower speeds for longer and reducing costs.
    2. Robotic pool cleaners are an upgrade option and not only save you time, but they also make sure pool cleaning is super easy. Using a robotic cleaner also reduces costs of chemicals and water.
    3. Connect your pool with your lifestyle by upgrading to an automated system. Manage and control your pool, spa, heating, and garden lights from the palm of your hand in one easy to use app. Monitor your running times remotely from your smart device.

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